Our benefits

We’re all about giving our people the tools to be the best they can be. Because when we’re at our best (happy and healthy) together we have the power to do something amazing and really deliver.

Some of our global benefits include:

  • Private health or dental insurance,
  • Life assurance,
  • Pension (or global equivalent) contribution,
  • Generous holiday allowance,
  • Free pairs & product discounts,
  • Annual season ticket loan (UK specific but we do offer some global equivalents),
  • Professional membership subscriptions


We actively encourage Smarter Working (this is our version of Flexible working). We know everyone works differently and we embrace this – we focus on outputs (not hours!) and believe that flexibility drives engagement. Engagement links directly to performance and we need to be at our peak to be able to achieve our business goals.

We offer core hours (where you can flex your start and finish time) and flexibility with working remotely.

Employees tug of war
Employees on the grass
Employees snakes and ladders

Your learning and development

At FitFlop, our Learning & Development activity continues to support our consumer-first focus and the delivery of our organisational goals.

Learning is focused on what is going to make the difference in us achieving our commercial goals and understanding our consumer-first model, which we know impacts us all, no matter what country, department or channel we work in. As part of the programme we also look at how we can work differently and BETTER, (managing change, working at pace, making informed commercial decisions, and utilising planning to make sure we are all clear on what we need to deliver, and have clarity on how and when we will make it happen).

We take a blended approach to learning, with learning opportunities being a mix of:

  • Internal sessions – skills sharing, department-led activity
  • Externally facilitated workshops – hosted by some great external partners offsite and in the offices
  • Online – maximising individual LinkedIn Learning licenses and ‘hosted’ sessions open to all

With our focus on being agile, we don’t release a full year learning calendar at once, we update you month but month on the activity we have coming up, this allows us to re-prioritise and adapt our learning as we go through the year.


Welcome to FitFlop! We’re delighted that you’ll be joining us. As part of your onboarding here, you’ll be introduced to FitFlop with our Company Induction in your first couple of days, learning about our history, amazing footwear, technologies and what’s it’s like to be a FitFlop employee. In your first few weeks, your line manager and colleagues will introduce you to your role and you’ll have meetings with the teams you’ll be working closely with. And in your first 3 months you’ll be wider business and learn everything you need to know about our different departments.

Our employee Laura

"The people! It’s such a nice team and a supportive place to work. I thought I would struggle coming back after maternity leave but the people I work with have made it an enjoyable experience."

Laura Moore


Feeling Good is how we talk about our wellbeing, social plans and activities. It’s about giving YOU the tools to be the best you can be. Because when we're happy and healthy together we have the power to do something amazing and really deliver.

From smoothie makers in our office kitchens, to weekly fresh fruit deliveries, outdoor walking meetings and mindfulness activities, we have our Feel Good Champions to keep the calendar full. And because we recognise that wellbeing isn’t just about physical health and fitness, we partner with the Retail Trust to ensure you’re supported in your personal life too.

Our employee Chiara

"There is a great work ethic at FitFlop. Everyday we all work really hard putting our full heart in what we do, but at same time FitFlop gives you the chance to grow, have ownership of what you do and make decisions that will help shaping the future of the company. Every day there’s a new challenge and I like the fact that especially in my team we all work together, hands on, eager to learn from each other and help whenever it’s needed."

Chiara De Pasquale