Here we answer some of your most
common questions

Search for your dream job or check out the current vacancies page to see our available positions.

It should only take 10-15 minutes in total. You can use your LinkedIn profile to apply if you're using a mobile device and can't upload a full CV.

Yes, you can save and exit as you're filling it in (but you may want to complete it in one go as vacancies can be open for a short time only). Do make sure you click SUBMIT when you're finished, otherwise we won't receive it!

We'll email you to let you know that we've got your application. We may then offer you a telephone interview. The next step would be a face-to-face interview and often a final stage would be showcasing your skills by doing a presentation or small project for us.

We'll give you feedback if you have a face-to-face interview with us. As we receive so many applications we can't always provide feedback at the other stages, but we'll provide as much information as we can.

Yes, you can apply for as many roles as you wish.

Yes, of course, and you’ll be considered against the requirements for the role.

We like to stay in touch with top talent. You can register a profile speculatively and also sign up for job alerts.

FAQs for agencies

We don't use agencies heavily as we have an internal recruitment team. When we do work with an agency we use a preferred supplier list. If you're interested in getting on this list, please email your details to ffjobs@fitflop.com.

Please email us at ffjobs@fitflop.com. We're a busy team and this allows us to contact you as and when we need you.

Sorry, no we don't.

Top tips for your FitFlop interview

Congratulations if you've got through to the interview stage!
here are a few pointers...

  • Our dress code is smart-casual; we leave it up to you what you'd like to wear for your interview. Don't feel obliged to wear a suit.
  • Clear, concise answers are always best.
  • Interviews should be a two-way process - you're also finding out if we're right for you. So come armed with some questions and do your research.
  • We're a friendly bunch, so don't be too daunted.
  • For us, a successful interview is about getting to know the real you.
  • Remember who to ask for when you arrive at Reception
  • Admire the shoes and look for the latest trends.
  • Relax and enjoy it!

Good luck! We look forward to hearing from you